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Enviro Floors® Timber Floor Coatings

We have a wide range of timber coatings for furniture, floors and walls. Our timber polyurethane floor coatings are available in bottles ranging from 1 litre up to 10 litres. We can provide timber floor coatings and other timber coatings for:

  • cleaning wooden floors and walls
  • polishing timber
  • sealing timber
  • restoring timber


Our timber floor coatings and polyurethane coatings for walls can be applied to interior and exterior timber surfaces (including wooden chairs, timber desks, wooden decks and timber kitchen floors).


A unique triblend rich in Polyurethanes and incorporating a breakthrough technology acrylate, combine to provide for a waterborne Timber Sealer tailor-made to meet the challenges of Australian timbers, climatic conditions and contains tannin blocker which makes it the leading timber sealer on the market.

from $31.85

Enviro Floors Deck-Clean is an environmentally-safe domestic and commercial exterior maintenance cleaner, that cleans and removes mould and mildew from timber decks, timber walls, windows, cladding, patio, lattice, outdoor furniture, fences, walkways, paths, paving, concrete driveways, synthetic grass tennis courts, hard courts, roofing, brick, concrete stone walls, canvas, vinyl, and any painted surface including eaves, and guttering.

from $15.08
Environmentally safe domestic and commercial exterior non-caustic heavy-duty mould inhibitor. Enviro Floors Deck-Restorer will assist in restoring weathered or heavily greyed timber and bring it back to its natural colour. It should be applied just before the timber surface is to be coated with Enviro-Deck.
from $24.40

Enviro-Deck is a specialised water-based formula which contains the new Enviroshield technology. Enviro-Deck is incredibly durable, and delivers a long-lasting, semi-transparent finish, and is a coating that enhances the characteristics of the timber. Enviro-Deck Low VOC oil coating is suitably for 6 stars-rated green projects and sustainable buildings.

from $31.76

3 in 1 Floor Cleaner is a gentle cleaner that uses biodegradable natural plant extracts as the active ingredient, hospital grade disinfectant, and with regular use it will prolong the life of the Polyurethane coated floor by keeping it clean of surface contaminants and abrasive particles.

from $20.90

Enviro Floors Timber 1 Pack Polyurethane Coating and Finish is the most effective oxygen-curing, self-crosslinking, 100% polyurethane waterborne coating on the market.

from $36.95

Universal Wet Edge Extender that can be used with all water-borne polyurethane floor coatings. Wet Edge Extender allows for coating to be applied on warm and hot days where otherwise it would not be possible.

from $15.02

Flow Aid assists in greatly reducing rejection and the ‘quilting effect’ between blocks of parquetry or timber boards from the effect of surface tension reduction and flow and wetting enhancement

from $50.76

The Timber 2 Pack Polyurethane Coating and Finish waterborne technology exceeds the wear-resistance of toxic solventbornes (via International Taber Abrader CS17 test), eliminating the last technical barrier to their use.

from $55.00

Padco - Floor Coater Sleeve Holding Bar. Padco floor coaters are the quickest and most efficient floor finish applicators available.

from $0.00

Padco - Nylfoam Floor Coater Refill

from $0.00
Sheepskin 230mm wide refill applicator are the best way to quickly and effectively paint/stain a timber deck.
from $15.81
Enviro Twist lock extension poles
from $16.61
Enviro Floors and Walls roller or sleeve covers.
from $6.97

Enviro Cage Roller Frame Heavy Duty 270-360mm

from $11.08

Enviro Coating Aluminium Extension Pole

from $29.81

Enviro DIY Cage Roller Frame 270mm.

from $7.85

Sheepskin floor Applicator Handle & Applicator Pad Complete, for fast, uniform, bubble-free coverage. Sheepskin Floor Applicators  are the best way to quickly and effectively paint/stain a timber deck. Available in 230 mm

from $25.19

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