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Enviro Floors Wet Edge Extender that can be used with any waterborne polyurethane and acrylic based top coats and sealers.   Through using food and cosmetic grade humectant the water evaporation is reduced, which increases the working time of the waterborne coating creating a finer finish. For most coatings another 5 deg C of working temperature is achieved from the standard dose.

Universal Wet Edge Extender can be used with all water-borne polyurethane floor coatings. Wet Edge Extender allows the application of floor coatings on floors on warm and hot days where otherwise it would not be possible.

Use of Wet Edge Extender does not adversely effect the properties of the finished. It does not extend the time it takes for a full cure of the coating. It is completely safe. The active humectant is commonly used in foodstuffs and cosmetics (i.e. cold creams to keep it wet longer).   It can be used with all brands of waterborne polyurethane and acrylics.

To be thinner for any waterborne Polyurethane top coat or Acrylic sealer with material that may have thickened slightly with age . Also use as a Wet Edge Extender to allow for slowing of wet coat drying on warm to hot days.

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Wet Edge Extender Additive | Coating and Finish Additive