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How To Stain A Deck

When staining a deck, it is important to make a mental picture of how you want the end result to look like. From there, write down what needs to be done to get to that result.

Cleaning the Deck | How To Stain A Deck

In nearly every case, the first step will be to clean the deck. Sweep away any rubbish, leaves and debris, hose down and remove any bird droppings and grime. To remove mould and mildew use Enviro Floors Deck Clean. This timber floor coating needs to be applied once the deck has been cleaned of everything else and while the damp is still slightly damp. For best results start applying the Enviro Floors Deck Restorer while the deck is still in the shade.

With the deck clean you can proceed with the next step which is restoring the timber.

Remove Old Timber Finishes | How To Stain A Deck

Remove any old timber finishes and floor coatings by giving the decking a thorough sanding. By means of sanding the timber you can bare timber with a moderate coarseness sandpaper. Create a smoother timber finish with a fine sandpaper.

Restoring Timber Deck Finishes | How To Stain A Deck

Restoring the timber deck finish can involve bringing heavily weathered and grey timber back to its natural colour and texture. A great deck restorer is Enviro Floor Deck Restorer. It is also a heavy duty mould inhibitor which will elongate the life of your deck. The restorer will also clean decks and remove moss, dirt, black mould, algae, dust and green slime. These are all common issues faced by deck owners so they are quite pleased to know that there is a solution. The bleach free formula will not harm most plants providing they are hosed down directly after being exposed.

Using a deck restorer allows the deck to accept the coasting into the pores of the wood.

Now that the deck is clean and the timber restored to its natural colour and texture, we can proceed with applying the deck coats.

Timber Coating and Deck Finish | How To Stain A Deck

Apply when between 5-32°C and when it will not rain for the next 4 hours. Have the decking completely dry. Apply as indicated on the packaging. For the Enviro Deck Deck Finish the best results are when a nylon/polyester brush is used for the fine areas, and a lambswool for open areas. It is good to work in small sections and to lightly saturate the surface and then immediately back-brush. It is good to maintain a wet edge when applying it. Apply the timber floor stain or finish from end-to-end or to the board length. This will prevent lap marks. Remove any excess dirt and puddling so that it is distributed evenly.

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